Celebrating Cultural Diversity at CFMG

Mar 21, 2019

We’re lucky in our business to bring together people from all over the world. From Malaysia to Sri Lanka, the United States to South Africa, we celebrate diversity every day.

Harmony Week is an opportunity to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, based on the successful integration of migrants into our community. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone, yet sadly, it has been a tough week for cultural inclusivity in our corner of the world.

For Harmony Week at CFMG, each person involved brought a dish that reflects their cultural background. This allowed us to learn about the diverse history, values and experiences that make up CFMG and celebrate the strength that we gain when everyone belongs and we are united.

With a variety of sweet and savory items ranging from simple foods to complicated dishes, the team had a great time sharing a little part of who they are with the rest of the business.

We’re very proud of our people, and value everything that makes them unique.


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