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About the spotted quoll

Protecting the Spotted Quoll

By Sian Ineson • LinkedIn

Oct 6, 2021 • #conservation #biodiversity #quoll #reforestation 

Listed as vulnerable in NSW, the spotted quoll can be distinguished from other mammals as well as other quoll species by the spots on its tail. The species has seen a dramatic decline in numbers over the last 30 years with threats including land clearing, introduced predators (cats/foxes), illegal hunting and lack of hollow logs for use as dens.

Most of their population exist in isolated pockets, making the chance of long term survival extremely challenging. Private rural land holders reforesting or rewilding border sections of their property enable expansion of native species ranges and mingling of populations through supplementing and forming nature corridors with official government reserve areas. Leaving hollow logs in backyards and paddocks instead of removing/burning them can also help promote quoll numbers.

The nature corridor that our off reserve conservation area forms part of is over 50kms long, extending to Mount Royal National Park. We’ll continue to support recovery of this species, and are hopeful than in time spotting this critter will become much more common again 🐾


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